Educational Neuroscience: Research-Led Teaching Approaches


Discover educational neuroscience and its impact on 21st century education

This teaching ExpertTrack introduces you to the basics of neuroscience in learning. You’ll study our uniquely human brain – looking at the central nervous system, the limbic system and the concept of neuroplasticity – and discover what it means for memory and learning in the brain.

Improve your understanding of learning and memory formation

Discover the role of social-emotional learning in the classroom and the link between stress and memory. We’ll look at the application of neuroscience in educational theory, focusing on research by Dr Louis Cozolino concerning the evolution of the social brain and ‘Nine things educators need to know about the brain’, you’ll have a better understanding of brain-based learning within different contexts.

Duration:  8 weeks   ( 3-4  hours /weekly study )

Course type: 100% online / self-paced on your time

Start date: Available now

Price:  $39 / month (after free trial)

Institution: by Central Queensland University via FutureLearn

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